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Irene Cook - COO, Dig Inn

The Restaurant Chain Executives Podcast with Brad Brooks and Israel L'Heureux

Irene Cook, the Chief Operating Officer at Dig Inn, a fast casual chain based in New York. Irene was formerly the SVP of Operations for Panera Bread.

Irene is a self described “Burger Brat” who began her career with Burger King. Early on, she demonstrated natural leadership and training abilities.  Those leadership abilities took her to top posts at some of the industry’s most respected brands.

In this interview Irene shares:

  • What makes Dig Inn special and how they’re creating a new category of food
  • The most important qualities she learned from her mentors
  • How to create the best engagement between HQ and the field
  • The product trends she sees in the industry
  • How integrating your values changes not only the food, but also your HR processes
  • How she’s stayed passionate about the restaurant industry

Dig Inn:

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